Thursday, 3 September 2015

Salmon Watch Ireland

Petition needs your support to help the River Lee recover. This endeavour will support more bio-diversity and help the threatened Atlantic salmon stocks on the River Lee.

There are only four inland river forest deltas on our planet ! In 1957 in the interest of introducing and then selling electricity to the people of Cork City and County two hydroelectric dams were constructed on the river Lee. This involved the compulsory purchase orders of 39 homes and farmsteads. Tragically the second dam was a miscalculation. Thousands of age old Irish Oak and Yew trees, some over a thousand years old, were chopped down. The farm-houses in this unique river forest were dynamited. The back filling of the dam submerged thousands of acres and destroyed the wild Atlantic salmons ancient spawning grounds and decimated the salmon dependent fresh water pearl mussel. A tragic crime against Nature. All the more tragic as it was a total miscalculation. The good news and hence the campaign to collect as many signatures as possible is that this tragedy can be reversed. It is our obligation to petition our Minister for the Environment to simply drop the water level by one meter and allow the Gearagh inland alluvial forest to grow back. We have our backs turned on an absolutely unique feature of Nature here in southern Ireland. Scientists and environmental experts travel from all over the world to study this habitat. The bird life would once again flourish. If managed correctly this could become one of Irelands most unique tourist destinations. Please help us give our river forest delta back to mother Nature. Thank you for your signature and support. Please see the trailer of the documentary film RIVER RUNNER which highlights this tragic story at