Friday, 27 May 2016

Important Angling Survey

Salmon Watch Ireland would like to recommend that all persons interested in angling should take the time to participate in this survey. 

The ESRI is undertaking research on the socio-economics of inland fisheries within Ireland, with the objective of providing evidence that will support policy decisions regarding the management of fisheries resources and angling within Ireland. The current research programme will run for three years, from 2015 to 2018, including topics such as:
• The economic benefits of a fishery in a rural location;
• Angling preferences and experiences among non-Irish nationals;
• An analysis of recreational angling demand in Ireland;
• Preferences of international tourist anglers.
To inform our research we are looking for the views and opinions of anglers.  Accordingly we have established a voluntary angler panel, which we will use to ask anglers about their angling activities and views.  Members of the angler panel will be invited to participate in short surveys to elicit their views.  We anticipate around 1-3 surveys per year.  Each survey is voluntary and you can decide at the time whether to participate, nothing is mandatory.
Our research programme on the socio-economics of inland fisheries is funded by Inland Fisheries Ireland.  Any data you provide will only be used for research purposes.  The data will not be shared with Inland Fisheries Ireland or other organisations and will only accessible to the researchers undertaking the analysis.  Only research reports and papers, which contain aggregated summary analysis, will be provided to policy decision-makers, including Inland Fisheries Ireland.  Our research papers will be publically available to download via our website.  If you’d like further information about the angler panel or our fisheries research please contact John Curtis (, 01 863 2000).