Monday, 3 October 2016

Important Study needs Your Support and Help

Salmon Watch Ireland actively promotes the following study being carried out by UCD. The project is currently being undertaken at the School of Biology and Environmental Science and concerning the migration of fish in Ireland’s rivers. 
The project is part of a PhD program undertaken by Siobhan Atkinson
The project is called 'Reconnect', and the overall goal of the project is to develop a validated methodology for prioritising a selection of barriers for modification or removal to improve hydro-morphology and connectivity in Irish rivers. An important first step in the project is to build a map of the location of barriers, both natural (waterfalls) and man-made (bridge aprons, weirs, sluices, culverts) in Ireland's rivers. 

These structures can cause problems for fish and invertebrate migration, and the movement of natural river material.
As you can imagine, locating and mapping river barriers is a big job. To help map barriers and to help create awareness of their impact we've introduced an app from the UK called 'River Obstacles' that can be used to record barriers. We are trying to encourage professionals in the field and members of the public to use the app to record any barriers they encounter when they are out and about. The records that are uploaded via the app can be viewed on a map of Ireland with details, a photograph and GPS co-ordinates
( The app is free to download and very easy to use. One simply takes a photograph of the obstacle and notes some details. The app uses the GPS facility built into a smartphone to map the location.

Here are the links to our Facebook page and website if you are interested:
Salmon Watch Ireland believes that migration barriers are a major obstacle to the rehabilitation of our rivers and asks our supporters to please help Siobhan in this most interesting study.