Saturday, 26 May 2018

Article: Salmon Watch Ireland on Aquaculture in Ireland

The advent of salmon farming in the late 1980’s in Ireland gave rise to much debate in regard to the negative effects that this new type of practice might mean for our coastal marine environment. Unfortunately the most visible consequence was observed almost immediately in that a strange and unexpected premature sea trout migration back to freshwater took place in areas where salmon farming was being carried out. These fish were early returnees and within a few weeks of their migration as smolts or kelts they had returned in large numbers with varying degrees of injury and infection. Adults and finnock (immature fish at sea) were equally affected with the common denominator being their closeness to salmon farms and the number of sea lice attached to these wild fish,which were many times what was expected in wild fish. Please click on link to view the full article.

Salmon Watch Article

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Friday, 4 May 2018

Presentation: SWIRL Conference by Inland Fisheries Ireland

The presentation by Inland Fisheries Ireland demonstrates the stock levels as they exist today. Unfortunately there has been a steady decline in stocks post 2007 as indicated by the counter network across the country.
It is not a very encouraging situation and is compounded by many factors both in-stream, near coastal and oceanic influences. With Ireland's  human population growing aligned with increases in livestock farming and associated habitat compromise we are now really seeing a situation whereby the salmon population may be at risk through our anthropogenic influences. With the proposed expansion of aquaculture our salmon stocks are certainly at a highly increased risk.

One aspect of the presentation showed that we as a nation are still not releasing salmon to the degree of other close at hand countries and our catch and release figures indicate that less than 40% of fish are released.
An interesting statistic is that the average MSW salmon catch is now averaging out at 15% of total catch.
One slight ray of hope is that the counter figures for 2016 and 2017 demonstrate an upward trend which hopefully might herald a somewhat more positive future.

Inland Fisheries Ireland: State of Irish Salmon Stocks